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I&#8217;m no particle physicist, but from what I understand, the putative DM particle at 130 (actually 135 based on updated official Fermi analysis) annihilates to two photons, not decays. The particle itself is (presumably) stable.
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Cool Way, some valid points! I appreciate you for making this blog available. Rest of the site is also of high quality. Pretty section of content! I just stumbled upon your web site and in ascension I actually enjoyed your blog posts.
Daniela - sorry for not picking up your comments before.  The Secret Garden is an interesting one, isn&#39;t it?  Doesn&#39;t it rather suggest that the problem with Colin is psychological rather physical/neurological: nothing, anyway that a robust approach and a bit of fresh air and gardening can&#39;t sort out?  Rather like Clara in Heidi - she didn&#39;t really need her wheelchair, once she was in the fresh air of the mountains.That&#39;s interesting about Percy Jackson - can&#39;t think of many examples of dyslexia, and tying it in with the Greek Gods is an interesting twist.
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That's a sharp way of thinking about it.
These are so simple yet so powerful. I love them! What about trying binder rings to bind them? It would be a looser binding, but might work well for the medium.
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Io sono un tirocinante mila freeones
ya t il une fille ki veux du intercourse ici?...
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JoTo, calma. Eu sei que gostas de apreciar a nossa cidade, mas roubos? Muitos dos nossos dirigentes podem ter sido fraquinhos e deixado o clube sem dinheiro, mas pelo menos nenhum foi julgado por corrupcao.
No one has to wallow in their doom and gloom cirumstances.  Too many choose to stay in the state they are in because they are content.There are many examples of individuals that overcome all kinds of odds and horrible situations, why must Black people be any different?  We don&#39;t have to be.  Some of us choose to be.  There is always a choice.
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Hi Marilou,You can set up a blog for free at several sites.  The biggest, and probably the one I&#8217;d suggest, is .  If you go through the &#8220;sign up for free&#8221; process there, you can set up a blog with a (something).wordpress.com address and run it for free using any of the standard visual styles (&#8220;themes&#8221;).  It should be pretty self-explanatory.  There&#8217;s a big market online for more sophisticated and specialised visual designs for WordPress, both free and paid.  There are other types of blog software out there, but WordPress is probably a good fit.
I love (LOVE) Neko Case.She&#8217;s phenomenal because not only is she talented, but she&#8217;s real. Her voice, lyrics and instrument playing are incredible and emotion-filled. At her shows it doesn&#8217;t feel like she&#8217;s trying to show off or deliver some show stopping belt-out of lyrics &#8212; it just happens naturally.Finally&#8230;.she&#8217;s obviously not afraid to speak her mind. And from the things I&#8217;ve heard thus far from her&#8230;I&#8217;d LOVE to hear more.Neko, this tornado loves you.
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Sep28diane    Thank you so very much for your honesty and your humility. Your testimony is going to help SO many young men and women who feel guilty because of their temptations. Because of your honesty I do believe that MANY will have hope in Jesus in their struggle against same sex attraction. I don&#8217;t know you and may never meet you this side of heaven but I am so grateful for your candid post. May God bless you and may you always hope in Jesus!VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 9 votes)
This is such a great idea.  I love handmade gifts and this would be a huge hit with my son.  Hmmm, wonder who I can forward this post to?   My son&#8217;s 6th birthday party is this weekend&#8230;
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Hola all谩 all铆! Este es mi 1st pasan to toward site! Somos una comunidad de neighborhood de voluntarios y setting arriba un fresh nuevo job inside a area within el same market. blog site presented nos worthwhile articles toward effort y work a. Yourself consist of finished una maravillosa task!
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What a year, eh? Bet you didn&#8217;t see half of that coming Thanks for sharing&#8230; and especially for pointing me to Stephen&#8217;s post (Insight #2).Here&#8217;s to even more impact in 2009!
Purple heels and rants are the best reason to have a blog lady. And then you just throw in all sorts of awesome things as the icing on the cake.
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nznative:When you compare the Jews to the Nazi's, what do you mean. Do they round up Palestinians and ship them up to concentration camps, and then when they have no use for them send them to the gas chambers?No of course they don't you moron. Or is your real intention to downplay the holocaust, because it only happened to Jews and you don't care about themBy the way - ethnic cleansing. QUestion - who has more rights, an Arab living in Israel or a Christian living in Saudi Arabia?
I would love to have Jennifer Weiner &amp; Emily Giffin as my best friends! I follow via facebook, twitter, and GFC.brn2shop9 at gmail dot comI recently added my friend Lisa to the group on facebook.
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These do look wonderful. We don&#39;t have a forever 21 store or even urban outfitters in Cambridge worse luck :( so have to enjoy vicariously through you :)Also, way too cold!!!
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Costa Rica, it&#39;s been years since i went on a mission trip there but would love to go back.  my mom just got back from Nicaraugua in August as well.  Love seeing those kind of things!
This is really interesting, You&#8217;re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!
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